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In Loving Memory

The overriding spirit of the Pratyush Sinha Foundation is the vision of our son Pratyush, whose humanity and caring for the less fortunate, is behind each endeavor of this foundation.

Years ago when I compared the contribution of Bill Gates to an average person, who devoted a certain portion of his salary to helping the less fortunate, his response had jolted me to realization. He said, "Mom, if somebody gives up their last piece of bread to the hungry, is their contribution any less than Bill Gates?" We have to do what we can to make our community and this world a better place for our kids.

We are his hands and doing what he would have done.

Our Work:
Our Curriculum:

Our program offers age-appropriate, trauma informed mindfulness and inquiry-based practices for grades
1-12. Program is research based, developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive.

Mindfulness Builds:

  • Self-Awareness and Management

  • Emotional Regulation & Compassion

  • Social Awareness and Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision-Making

We believe that human agency is needed in these difficult times when the most vulnerable members of our community, the children are at risk. It takes a village to raise a child. We are part of the at village, joining forces for collective impact.

The New ABC

All the mindfulness programs focus on helping children and adolescents understand their CHOICES. The awareness of choices empowers the students to chart their inner and outer journey, which results in compassionate and resilient human beings. The path of mindfulness creates a beautiful alchemy between individual good and social good.

Our Board:

Highly energized, committed leaders who care for the community they live in and are focused on guiding the Pratyush Sinha Foundation towards realizing its goals.

"Education is freedom from conditioning."
- J Krishnamurti
Our Instructors:

PSF Instructors are committed, compassionate individuals who want to make a positive impact in the world. They come from varied backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and extensive training in yoga and meditation. Additionally, all instructors have gone through training with the one of the world’s leaders in the field of mindfulness in education: Mindful Schools.

Alicen Arnold
Amy Dangler
Corey Shiner
Debbie Graul
Jan Milinichik
Lynn Schiff-Wiener
Jennifer Csordas
Nicole Miles
Jason Sizemore
Sarah Dennehy
Matt Wolf
Patricia Koury
Patricia Wright
Peter Bond
Tammy Long Ferry
Jennifer Miller

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