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Community Events

Families will learn to use self-care practices, which include:

  • Breath practices

  • Sensory mindfulness practices

  • Easy chair mindful movement

  • Some scientific explanations of why we encourage these practices

Where: Office of Family & Community Engagement– Administration Building 31 South Penn St, Allentown


When: Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Time: 5:00- 6:00 PM




Interpretation services will be available & light refreshments will be served.

Title 1 Parent and Family Involvement Surveys distributed.

Starting in April- Saturday morning FREE COMMUNITY CLASSES in Allentown!

Details coming soon. 

Happy Children

Office of Family and Community Engagement & Pratyush Sinha Foundation Presents:

Self-care and Tips to Navigate Challenging Times

Resource Videos

We want to help our community
stay clam and healthy in these uncertain times.

Please join PSF teachers in practicing Mindfulness at home.