Our Work

1.  Whole School Mindfulness in all 15 Elementary Schools of Allentown School District:

This unique opportunity has come about as a result of a Grant received under Senator Browne’s leadership from the Safe Schools Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This state funding specifically allows PSF instructors to teach mindfulness in all 15 Allentown School District (ASD) Elementary Schools. We will impact nearly 350 classrooms, and each classroom in each of the 15 schools will receive 48 classes over a 3-year period. We are now in the 2nd year of this program.


To help ensure the success of our programs, we are creating learning opportunities for the adults who care for and influence the children in their daily lives. We provide mindfulness instruction at one-off events for ASD such as Back-to-School Nights and Open Houses; Mindful Parenting classes; and Mindfulness Basics seminars for ASD faculty and staff. Also, we are honored to partner with Senator Browne’s office at Kids Discovery Expo at Da Vinci Science Center, an annual event designed to educate and entertain youth. 


Again, we want to thank Senator Pat Browne for his willingness to lead and to invest in the future of our kids and our community.

2. Middle School Mindfulness:


We believe that it is important to continue nurturing the emotional and self-regulation skills of the children transitioning to adolescence in the middle school environment.

3.  Mindfulness for High School Students:


The 3 pillars of our High School Program are Awareness, Connection, and Purpose. We integrate social emotional learning (SEL) through restorative and mindfulness practices. Special focus is on providing the students tools to handle the stressors in their lives caused by trauma, disconnection, peer pressure, and absence of self-esteem with over-active inner critic.

All the mindfulness programs focus on helping children and adolescents understand their CHOICES. The awareness of choices empowers the students to chart their inner and outer journey, which results in compassionate and resilient human beings. The path of mindfulness creates a beautiful alchemy between individual good and social good.

4.  After School Yoga:


For more than 7 years, PSF has been teaching after school yoga to elementary and middle schools in Allentown. These classes offer stretching and strengthening of the muscles, which in turn, supports the developing bones of growing children and adolescents. Children develop flexibility – physically and mentally; learn balance on and off the mat; and grow the soft skills necessary for positive life outcomes.

5.  Trauma Informed Mindfulness and Yoga for Teachers, Para-Professionals, Parents, and Volunteers:


We believe that this is the key to changing the culture in schools and community.

List of all Programs for 2019-2020 School Year:

Allentown School District:

  • Mindfulness in all 15 ASD Elementary Schools

  • Mindfulness at Building 21

  • Mindfulness at Raub Middle School

  • Trauma-Informed Mindfulness for Teachers

  • Family Mindfulness and Yoga

  • Special Needs Mindfulness and Yoga

  • After School Yoga at Central, Ramos, Union Terrace, McKinley, Washington, Newcomer Academy, Cleveland, Jackson, Jefferson, Sheridan, Mosser and Muhlenberg Elementary Schools

  • After school yoga at Harrison Morton and South Mountain Middle Schools

  • After school Mindfulness at Dieruff High School

Bethlehem Area School District:


Liberty High School

  • Mindfulness for all 9th Grade students



  • After School Yoga at Boys and Girls Club (Allentown)

  • After School Yoga at Casa Guadalupe (Allentown)

  • Casa Guadalupe Yoga and Mindfulness Training for Teachers

  • Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Training for Teachers, Volunteers and Paraprofessionals working with Children