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Our Curriculum

Our program offers age-appropriate, trauma informed mindfulness and inquiry-based practices for grades 1-12. The program is research-based, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive.

Mindfulness Builds:

  • Self-Awareness and Management

  • Emotional Regulation & Compassion

  • Social Awareness and Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision-Making

We believe that human agency is needed in these difficult times when the most vulnerable members of our community, the children are at risk. It takes a village to raise a child. We are part of the that village, joining forces for collective impact. 

The New ABC


All the mindfulness programs focus on helping children and adolescents understand their CHOICES. The awareness of choices empowers the students to chart their inner and outer journey, which results in compassionate and resilient human beings. The path of mindfulness creates a beautiful alchemy between individual good and social good.


Elementary School Mindfulness:

Our elementary school in classroom mindfulness program has been inspired by Since 2018-2019 school year, we have been offering whole school mindfulness in 15 Elementary Schools of Allentown School District. Our program has evolved into a curriculum that addresses not only the behavioral and attention challenges in the classroom but also fosters the development of the social-emotional skills of the children which leads to resilience.

In the virtual school model (brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic). we have adapted in classroom mindfulness to an online format. We are supporting students with weekly age-appropriate online videos and small group zoom sessions. 

Our efforts have also been focused on empowering the teachers in and out of the classrooms, which will have long term impact on changing the culture of schools and community. To support the teachers in the current crisis, we have been offering Monthly Self-Care sessions and in January 2021 we will begin offering Trauma Informed Mindfulness Training for the teachers and staff of schools.


Middle School Mindfulness: 

We believe that it is important to continue nurturing the emotional and self-regulation skills of the children transitioning to adolescence in the middle school environment. Our goal is to keep helping them develop mindful awareness, so they learn how to make healthy choices and be better prepared for learning in high school. 


High School Mindfulness:

The 3 pillars of our High School Program are Awareness, Connection, and Purpose. We integrate social emotional learning (SEL) through restorative and mindfulness practices. Special focus is on providing the students tools to handle the stressors in their lives caused by trauma, disconnection, peer pressure, and absence of self-esteem with over-active inner critic.


After School Yoga:

For more than 8 years, PSF has been teaching after school yoga to elementary and middle schools in Allentown. These classes offer stretching and strengthening of the muscles, which in turn, supports the developing bones of growing children and adolescents. Children develop flexibility – physically and mentally; learn balance on and off the mat; and grow the soft skills necessary for positive life outcomes.


Trauma Informed Mindfulness for Educators (T.I.M.E.):

We are evolving to meet the needs of our children, educators, and community. Please check out our latest effort:

Trauma Informed Mindfulness and Yoga

Here is What the Teachers are Saying About Their TIME Experience

Teacher and Kids in Library

The whole training was very helpful.  It gave me a lot of good ideas for myself and my students.

Raising Hands

The material presented will benefit the students in various areas of their development including social, emotional, language and physically.

Elbow Greeting

The training was very useful, especially post pandemic.

Teacher with Pupils

Love the program.
I love how this fit into restorative practices and brain research.

Teacher Assisting a Student

It reminded me time and time again that a child’s emotional state regulates their productivity within the class curriculum.

Teacher and Student

This is a great program that benefits both students and teachers.

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