"We are so fortunate to have had mindfulness at Mosser. It has not only benefited our students, it has also helped our teachers. There were many instances where students used strategies they learned during their mindfulness lessons when struggling with their emotions or conflict."

          ~Tiffany Polek (2018 Principal at Mosser                        Elementary School) now Acting Director                      of Student Services, ASD

"It keeps me calm. It helps me focus. Others should do mindfulness."

                      ~Dante, 5th grade student

                         Mosser Elementart

"It helps me do schoolwork. Others should do it because it helps."

                            ~David, 5th grade student

                               Mosser Elementary

"I like mindfulness because it stops me from raging. It calms me down. Other people should do it because its relaxing."

                   ~Jayden, 5th grade student

                     Mosser Elementary

"It’s good because it helps people. It helps you not rage."

                  ~Alphy, 5th grade student

                     Mosser Elementary

Mindfulness is not just for calming down it's also for when you're taking a test or stuck in traffic.

                    ~Jefferson Elementary Student

"I have learned how to clear my mind when I am stuck on a question or a test."

       ~Jefferson Elementary Student

"I learned to calm myself when I am depressed, sad, angry and happy. and how I can improve This is by just getting in my inner peace."

           ~Jefferson Elementary Student

“I like mindfulness, it helps me be Happy.”


                      ~4th grade student

“I used mindfulness on tests.”


                      ~4th grade student

"I liked mindfulness because it was fun and helped me with anger. Its good because it can help others. You should do mindfulness because it can take you from anger to doing something positive."

                            ~Joey, 5th grade student

                               Mosser Elementary

"I think you guys should know that at first we didn't really like it. But to be honest it calmed most people. For me I got anxiety. It gave me a weird feeling. Then after a while, I got used to it. So whenever I had problems, I did mindfulness. I helped me with it. The last one was so good because we all participated."

                     ~Jefferson Elementary Student

"When my friends got into a fight I told them to calm down by putting their feet on the floor and sit straight and breath in and out."

                              ~5th Grade student

                                 Allentown Pa

“I used mindfulness to help me concentrate in ballet class.”


                         ~5th grade student

“My favorite was that it helps you calm down and I think that more children should get this opportunity it has helped me calm down when I am mad and it helps me sleep and get better grades.”


                       ~4th grade student